Many of these terms are from my post about how blogging has taken over my life.  But since they may help a reader interpret many of my posts, I decided that I would create a dictionary page – a lexicon library, so to speak – and add new terms (in blue) as they are coined.  Vocabulary expansion awaits!

Bloggaholic (noun): a person who is addicted to blogging

to be at bloggerheads (idiom): the tense impasse that occurs when one person’s intense desire to blog conflicts with another person’s intense opposition to that desire

to be hit by a blog hammer (idiom): the condition of becoming suddenly and unexpectedly inspired by a blogging muse, accompanied by an urgent need to drop everything to write

Blog monster (noun): a pejorative term applied to a blogger when all housekeeping tasks cease in favor of blogging

Blog clog (noun): writer’s block

Blog fog (noun): an inattentive state in which a blogger appears to be listening to someone talking, but in fact is composing blog posts in their head and thus attends to nothing the speaker is saying

Blobby (noun): blogging hobby

Blog love (noun): attention paid to one’s blog in the form of visits, views, likes, comments, and new followers

Blog buddy (noun): a fellow blogger with whom you regularly share blog love

Blog bully (noun): a term used to describe someone who applies pressure to others to compel them to follow a blog

Blog bullerina (noun): a gentler, less in-your-face version of a blog bully

Blog Takeover (noun): the husband’s name for any guest posts I allow him to publish on the blog

Blogatorium (noun): the main room in which blogs are crafted and posted

Blogtographer (noun): the blog job to which the husband appointed himself after getting a new lens for his camera (to which I replied, “I can take my own pictures, thank you very much”)

Belgians, The (proper noun): our friends, consisting of a 3-generation family that resides in Belgium, adheres strictly to the national lifestyle (some would say religion) of La Vélo Vie, and has a patriarch that the husband calls Le Professeur de Cyclisme.


Cousin Brian (proper noun): world traveler, bike-box lender, and the Travel Architect’s cousin who has been mentioned in enough posts – and commented on enough podcast episodes – to warrant his own dictionary entry

Discomblogulated (adj): characterized by a scatterbrained state in which one is attempting to complete several tasks (physical, mental, or both) at once and one of those tasks is typing up or mentally composing blog posts


Husband, The (proper noun): this British dude I married.  In case he looks a bit like an ass in some of my posts, you should know most of what he says is tongue in cheek.  We have a very “tease-y” relationship and fear not – I give as good as I get.


Podcast (noun): the husband’s way of hitching his wagon to the Travel Architect blog

Tech Commander (noun): the person who has primary responsibility over the technical aspect of a blog. This person may or may not be the blogger him/herself.

Tech Tigress (noun): the name this blogger has bestowed upon herself after solving several thorny tech issues without the help of the Tech Commander


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