A Photo Journey: Climbing Angels’ Landing in Utah

28 thoughts on “A Photo Journey: Climbing Angels’ Landing in Utah”

  1. This is my favorite of all of your stories, Travel Architect. The photos are tremendous and the sense of triumph upon achieving a challenging summit is never forgotten. The only thing you missed is the “oh s…” moment when the climber on the summit looks down at the steep, exposed trail that must be traversed the other way! Nice job.

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    1. Thanks Dave! I can hear your inner hiker coming out in your comment.

      As I remember it, we turned around to start down-climbing and felt our stomachs lurch into our throats. The hike down that fin of rock is a scarier experience than hiking up it. I made the conscious decision to give all of my attention to the descent and eschew the photography. It was definitely an “oh sh%!” moment – several moments, actually. They just didn’t get documented on film.


  2. Amazing post!! I love the shot you got of Walter’s Wiggles. I did the Angel’s Landing hike in 2009 and haven’t had the nerve to do it in the few times I have returned since. It has been too crowded on the trail and some people just don’t understand trail ettiquette and saftey. With a two-way trail and that level of hazard, the crowds have made me nervous. What an amazing feeling and spectacular views when you get to the landing though!

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    1. And I’d love to take credit of the photo of Walter’s Wiggles from a distance (the shot in which I added “Our destination.” Unfortunately, that was taken by ??? I scanned in a postcard we got at the park. I’m not even sure where you would have to be standing to get that shot.

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