Well done to all the correct answers; last week’s ELC is a location that I travelled to, albeit only the airport!

Photo by Ethan Brooke on Pexels.com

The answer was Seoul, capital of South Korea. Congratulations to those that puzzled it out (including The Travel Architect herself!). I was inspired by the performance of Kim & Kong, the South Korean female badminton pair who beat Japan in one of the most outstanding matches of the sport I have ever seen.

This week’s quiz is a little closer to home.

ELC Episode 21

Go ahead and grab your atlases, have a ponder and leave your answers in the replies below, or send directly to thetravelarchitectblog@gmail.com. Good luck!

10 thoughts

  1. Omg, I should’ve responded sooner. And you never left the airport? Too bad as Seoul and all of SK is a gem! I worked for Korean Air Lines for 5 years in sales, so made numerous visits there. Great city, people, food and architecture. Next time, plan to head into town and check it out. Vibrant and huge, and only 30 miles from the DMZ.

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    1. I had that thought, too…but the three-states intersection throws me off. My best guess is Las Vegas, but that also doesn’t really fit.

      I’m going with Steve Miller, Nevada. That’s my final answer, folks!

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