Not As Advertised: Bikepacking the San Rafael Swell in Utah

18 thoughts on “Not As Advertised: Bikepacking the San Rafael Swell in Utah”

  1. I can understand how you did this ride from hell, but as for why you did it… that’s one of those mysteries of life that escapes me. Be safe, enjoy [?], carry on. I respect your idea of fun, even if it’s about 180º opposite of mine. Also I like your photos. Very nice.

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  2. The Husband, I am am so impressed! I like to think I am adventurous, but my adventures usually consists of a more horizontal terrain, temperatures over 65 degrees, and it usually ends the same day it started. Gorgeous photos!

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  3. “The Husband” regarding your story my comments are exactly the same as jewel Ingalls above. Regarding your guest post (yes, its a guest post, not a blog takeover) however, I have a few thoughts. Mainly, I really liked your writing! So Travel Architect, please don’t be jealous or possessive of your blog and allow The Husband to do more guest posts.

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  4. Mr. Husband, sir. Have you ever considered the head/hammer challenge? It is a competitive event in which the contestant, using a variety of hammers, hits himself/herself on the noggin until he/she passes out. A scorekeeper records the number of strikes. It is analogous to your bike trip except that the contestant ends the day in an emergency room rather than sleeping on the ground. Those completing the event are deemed “Ironheads”. Keep up your crazed adventures!

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  5. You are as gifted a writer as you are an athlete. However, methinks you should really “HERD the call of the wild” and not do this thing again. So very glad you made it back to the pool safely.

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  6. Off-road miles are very different from road miles, especially when they aren’t manicured single track! I’m confident you will return to conquer the trail!

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