The Travel Architect & The Husband Team Up to Talk About Travel (Mostly)

Episode 3 is now available by clicking below.  It’s also available on Podbean and on iTunes at thetravelarchitect.

We took last week off… kind of surprising when you think that we’ve only been at this for 3 podcasts now, but we’re back with another one.

We revisit travel regrets with the husband telling the tale of his Italian travel non-regret.  We explore the monkey that’s finally off the Travel Architect’s back.  We debate the pros and cons of seeing sights from up high and argue about whether or not the Travel Architect is truly a sculpture enthusiast.

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15 thoughts

    1. Thank you!! Yes, the Bangkok thing. You were in England during all that drama. There was a while there when I thought we were going to have an all-day layover at Bangkok’s main airport. I said to the husband, “I’ll bet you 100 bucks that Liveandletthai will meet up with us for dinner, or lunch, or drinks, or whatever!” But the tickets are all purchased and we will be staggering around BKK from 1am to about 8am. I hope it’s a good airport.

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      1. Gutted.
        I knew you were heading off somewhere else but I didn’t realise your time here was so brief. I’d gone and got my hopes up that I’d get to meet you guys. 1am – 8am is a classic time….. I think even if you got a taxi into BKK nothing much would be open (but I could check if you wanted?) The airport is huge and enough places to eat and at that time, plenty of little spots to sleep if you need to….but,

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      2. Ohhh, we are so touched by your reaction. Don’t worry, we’ll get over there sooner or later. And if Minnesota (you’ve probably never heard of it, right?) is on your bucket list, let us know. Ha ha. Believe me, if we were doing this trip in summer (it’s not offered), we’d use Bangkok as a multi-day layover, but going when we are, we are limited by the parameters of our Christmas break. So now I guess we’ll just have to make Thailand its own trip!
        Thanks for the offer but you needn’t check into anything in the city. I have read that there are some good nooks and crannies in BKK to sleep in, and we might either stay in the airport’s transit hotel or pay for access to their lounge to pass the time and try to catch some sleep.
        Another thought: we could meet up in jolly old England sometime! 🙂

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      3. Minnesota…that’s in Canada, right? 😉 If I ever get over that side of the world, I’ll give you plenty of warning to organise the welcoming party. But I hope you make it over here one day for longer than 8 hours – but hey, enjoy the airport 😄 (and yes I would definitely pay to use the lounge, those places are worth every penny in my book).
        And yes, maybe it’ll be England where our paths will cross. You’re going in the summer aren’t you? I doubt I’ll be back there until October-ish. 😳

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      4. Ha ha! No, but it borders Canada, so you get half a point. 😉 I’m very curious to know how long the flight is from Bangkok back to the UK. If it’s anything like our flight is going to be (3 legs there, 4 legs back, and each way something like 32 hours total from start to finish, including layover time), I don’t know how on earth you do it so often. I’m not sure I’ll survive just once!!

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      5. Woah!!! That’s a hell of a journey! I usually have one stopover in Abu Dhabi and the whole thing takes roughly half the time of your trip. If it took me as long as you I doubt I’d be doing too often. I’m already starting to despise it (hence why I booked to go to Bali in August – I want to go there AND I can get a new visa)

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      1. Haha, it tickled me.

        Yes! I’ll hopefully listen to that at some point in the next day or two. Intrigued given it’s your favourite!

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      2. Haha, I’m honoured! I’ll make sure to comment when I’ve listened! It’ll be interesting to see how long I take to get to that point.

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