Podcast episode 79 is available by clicking below.  It is also available on iTunes, Pocket Cast, and Spotify under the travel architect.

After another joke that pays homage to our upcoming travel, I eschew a national day in favor of a few clashing national month celebrations that, if engaged in, will make your bathroom scale go haywire. The Travel Quiz was short, sweet, and fun, but don’t be misled—I still got a low score.  Bucket list destinations from Montana to New Jersey are dissected, evaluated, and judged.  We then look at some of the obstacles one faces when one tries to cycle up high mountain roads in June, reflect on what happens when one doesn’t properly train for high altitude athletic pursuits, and debate whether the husband really will stop in Omaha for some museum-hopping on his way home.  Finally, we look at a handful of winery recommendations given by oenophilic neighbors before learning that the husband is looking to revive his ELC podcast over summer break.

Episode 79: Travel Talk – Colorado Cycling Obstacles & Work-Arounds
Quirky English place name

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  1. I’d totally stop in Omaha! I drove through it once, 10 years ago, and wished I’d have more time to spend there. Luckily, that’s an easy less-than-one-day’s drive from where we live now.

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  2. I was glad to hear that you are looking into the reservation system for Mt Evans, instituted a this year to drive up, if needed for cycling. Don’t wait until you get to Colorado to make arrangements; these things fill up fast! There is usually a family of mountain goats up top. 🙂 No snow these days.


    1. Thank you, thank you, and well done!
      We’ve recently opened up talks about heading your way for Christmas (which is a mere 16 or so weeks away!) but now I see that, after a sharp drop, COVID numbers have been picking up in the UK since for about a month. Ugh. This is getting old.

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      1. Ugh, it’s frustrating isn’t it? Fortunately my partner made it over in August but I’ve still got no idea when I’m going to head the other way, keeping my fingers crossed for Thanksgiving but we’ll see.
        Hopefully Christmas is a possibility for you. Our numbers are rising a bit but the vaccine uptake is much higher here so there doesn’t seem to be that same worry for the mostpart. Most of the country is pretty much back to normal.

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      2. Haha, well we’d rather it wasn’t still long distance but Covid hasn’t helped on that front. Hopefully not too much longer before we’re together properly.

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      3. The husband’s brother has been talking of visiting us in the summer of ’22, but as of right now, you folks pretty much aren’t allowed in, isn’t that right? Hopefully that’ll change soon.


      4. Yeah, pretty much. You can theoretically come indirectly, as long as you’ve not been in the UK / Europe in the last 14 days..
        So you could have a two week vacation in the Caribbean or Mexico or Canada and then travel on to the US. It’s a lot of faffing about though.
        I’d certainly like to think it’ll be fine by 2022.

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