Well this is The Husband.  We’re all fine and healthy; washing our hands, avoiding social gatherings, etc.  But with a little extra time on my hands, I’ve decided to create a small series of pods to help us through these trying times.  Think “Where in the World is Carmen San Diego” and you get the picture.  Or rather you’ve listened to it at least!

Four clues I give to this “Enigmatic Location Conundrum“, and I can’t wait to read where you think it is!  The answer will be revealed on next week’s mini pod, along with a new puzzle.  So go ahead!  Do your worst!  Leave your suggestions here, or contact us via email: thetravelarchitectblog@gmail.com

Good luck

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  1. Hey! It’s the Travel Architect here! I’ll pass your compliment on to the husband. I, myself, just listened to the clues and I’m guessing Henderson, Nevada. I have no idea if Henderson is a small town, but I think it’s in Nevada (I get no special hints even though I’m married to the guy) and Henderson is the only place I can think of outside of Reno and Las Vegas.


  2. I have the pleasure of personally knowing both The Travel Architect and The Husband for several years. Both are very gifted at what they do! The Travel Architect is a wonderful writer, giving us vivid images of their travels and the planning that goes into making enjoyable vacations. The Husband is part entertainer, part professor, part chef, and a host of other talents (James Burke with shades of Jimmy Fallon and Anthony Bourdain). If the two of them end up having a TV show someday those who follow them won’t be surprised!
    Knowing much about The Husband and his interests I knew small towns near Nashville Tennessee or Lexington Massachusetts are strong candidates.

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  3. Finally reached the new pod series! Haha. Love the idea, I haven’t got any idea where it is. I’m not sure why he’d go to Kentucky but given the colonel clue and the fact it’s not too far away I instantly thought Kentucky.

    London, Kentucky is my guess! Looking forward to discovering the answer in future pods and also hearing more of this series 🙂

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