This Is Me – Warts and All…

26 thoughts on “This Is Me – Warts and All…”

  1. And they say that all of the great human dramas had already been written. This compelling missive about suffering, hope, disappointment, determination and ultimate victory could be a stage production in the London East End. I would recommend a young Meryl Streep for the suffering victim and Joe Pesci as the wart. The doctor could be Bill Murray in his Caddy Shack persona (Carl). There wouldn’t be a dry eye in the house when the wart succumbed. It might even be a musical- think Mama Mia with a foot virus. Any followers who move on after this story don’t deserve to be part of this intellectual journey. By the way- I seem to be developing a bump under my big toe. It’s probably nothing…

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      1. I keep telling him he needs to start his own blog. I have the title and several post categories all picked out for him. I even offered to help with the set-up (though that doesn’t mean much coming from a tech-phobe like me), but so far, he’s resisted.

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  2. Wow! Firstly, this was as tense as it gets and I agree with Dave C. about the stage production ‘Warts Love Got To Do With It?’ Secondly, I’m going to keep following but you’re on very thin ice and thirdly…how long did it take to go?! Blimey!! I don’t think I could’ve been arsed to have kept trying. Bravo for never quitting – this well make an uplifting finale in the play/film.

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  3. It’s been a little while since you published the post. Any loss or gain of followers? When I was a kid my little friend had a plantar wart. As an experiment we rubbed our feet together and voila, I got one. Can’t remember how that got vanguished but wow, what a dumbo thing to do. If the virus can live for 20 months on a floor (ew) contact with an actual one is

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    1. Thanks for asking! Actually, in the week following that post I didn’t lose anyone, but gains were pretty minimal. The next week when I published a post that was travel-related, there was a noticeable jump in followers. I suppose when you have a travel blog, that’s what people are looking for. Everyone took the wart post in good humor though (even the husband… eventually) and it got some likes!

      The funny thing is, even though plantar warts are hand and foot based, and clearly very contagious, as your childhood experiment showed, the husband continued to give me foot rubs all those years that I had it and he never got it. My wart was very loyal to me. 🙂

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  4. I never thoughts warts could be so dramatic before but you’ve proven they are and although I’m really sorry about your wart drama I’m glad you didn’t listen to the husband and shared your story with us. If only because now I know the virus can last 20 months!! So happy I decided to take my free Friday afternoon and dedicate it to catching up with the blogosphere!

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