Last week’s location saw some of our closest suggestions, and the exact solution was the Giza Plateau, Cairo.

photo of pyramid during daytime
Photo by Alex Azabache on

Well, this week’s Enigmatic Location Conundrum says goodbye to the camels, as we travel to a metropolitan destination.  My rather limited experiences with camels are all negative.  Ill tempered, biting, spitting, I tried all of these to win them over!

Open your atlas, and have guess.  Leave your suggestions below, or directly to

Good luck!

4 thoughts

  1. Hi everyone! It’s the Travel Architect here, commenting on the husband’s ELC #7. He’s very secretive about this podcast and never gives me any hints or clues. I’m in the same boat as you trying to work it out. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you all: I got it!! I’m not going to reveal the destination, lest I ruin it for all of you, but I just finished listening to the pod, had my “ah-hah!” moment, and went downstairs (where the husband is – surprise, surprise – cycling on his bike trainer) and confirmed with him that my guess is correct! It’s a first! I’ve gotten close before – as in, like, regions or areas – but this time I nailed the enigmatic location exactly! Hopefully I’ll do this well on our next Travel Quiz. (doubtful) Have fun working it out!


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