Well done to all the correct answers; last week’s ELC is a location that I have never travelled to, but with a signature dish involving meatloaf, it has to be on my travel horizon.

Photo by Hayley Parker on Pexels.com

The answer was Halifax, Nova Scotia. Congratulations to those that puzzled it out (including The Travel Architect herself!). I’ll be coming to town to sample a “Donair.”

This week’s quiz is inspired by my viewing of the recent Olympics. Extra credit to anyone who can name the sport that inspired me.

ELC Episode 20

Go ahead and grab your atlases, have a ponder and leave your answers in the replies below, or send directly to thetravelarchitectblog@gmail.com. Good luck!

11 thoughts

  1. Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, Quebec, New Brunswick, all beautiful and all in wonderful NE Canada. Haven’t been there since I was a kid, but have fond memories of driving the Cabot Trail around the island. Having never been there before, little did I know that Ireland and Scotland were so close to home. Truly a wonderful part of North America and well worth an extended visit, now that the border reopened TODAY!!!!!

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