Podcast episode 105 is available by clicking below.  It is also available on iTunes, Pocket Cast, and Spotify under the travel architect.

Recent travel planning inspired in me a Travel Quiz so . . . quizzical that I commandeered that portion of the show, forcing the husband to find a joke (pretty good), a National Day (he did it wrong and I fired him), and a destination from the Bucket List Book (horrible). I then donned my quizmaster hat and attempted to stymie the husband with questions in which size does matter. After that we revert to type and in our usual madcap way relay several exciting but random travel updates including the card, the train, and the application. We end with a look at a list of the best airport lounges around the world (as if we’ll ever be allowed in) and “fairly tale” French towns, one of which we’ll see this summer and one we fled from several years ago.

Episode 105: Better Than a Radio Talk Show?

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8 thoughts

  1. I may just have to crash your MN high point trip and summit it with you 😃

    Also, the Husband’s mini rant about placing luggage on seats reminds me of the guy we encountered in the airport 3 weeks ago who decided to take a nap on the floor beneath a row of seats, blocking 5 of them from being used. Very inconsiderate.

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    1. Dang. Our two free lounge passes a year are only for people flying on the same itinerary with me, so I can’t just give you one (which is too bad, because they’ll probably go to waste). I think it would be a good marketing strategy to let us give them away. It might turn some people onto their credit cards.


  2. Lol, “planning others’ vacations isn’t as interesting as planning your own”. I can say the same for writing.

    It already is tedious having to deal with the things I want to write, what more the weird requirements that other bosses want. Even money doesn’t make up for it. So I can see why it’s not appealing to do what you love for money.

    Still have to find a paying vocation that I don’t mind muddling though. And soon.

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    1. Yeah, I did a little volunteer writing for a local newsletter but quickly realized that I didn’t like interviewing people (or all the logistics of even setting up an interview) and crafting stories out of the interview was ok at best. I’m a selfish writer – I only want to write what I want to write about. It’s not going to make me any money, but it’s going to make me happy.

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  3. Fun quiz, I’ve actually been to a few of those little places. I’m not fond of amusement parks either these days, but, fyi, it’s a 30 minute-ish drive to the beach from 6 Flags NJ. It could be a lovely day.

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