Many of you regularly participate in Lens-Artists Challenges, and I enjoy reading those posts and seeing how you interpret the weekly theme.  I myself don’t participate in them mainly because photography’s not really my thing but also because the thought of combing through a million photos on the computer to find not one, but several “just right” pictures would probably drive me to right over the edge.

Then again, it could be that pandemic confinement has already sent me to the loony bin, for you see, I’ve recently created and participated in my own Lens-Artists Challenge.  It’s called Woodwork Weirdness and involves finding pictures within the wood-grained walls in the two rooms of our house that are unfortunate enough to have paneling.*

*That’s an unfair slight against my home.  One small room has floor-to-ceiling paneling which makes it feel cozy and cabin-like.  The other room has waist-high wainscoting that actually is quite fetching.  (But still, I’m glad neither room is in the main living area.)

Anyway, you know how people lie on the grass in summer and try to find shapes in the clouds (or, perhaps more aptly, you know how people are administered the Rorschach Inkblot test to see if they’ve gone bonkers)?  Well, lately I’ve begun to notice weird and wonderful shapes made by the knots and grain in the woodwork.  Check out these pictures and see if you agree.  A few have been rotated to better show the image I had in mind.  If you’d like to try to see what you can see before learning what I see, don’t scroll past the caption.  My interpretation is just below it.  Please do share your observations in the comments section.  I’ve numbered the 13 pictures for easier commenting.  Just reference the number.  Viewer participation encouraged!

Woodgrain pics (3)
1. What do you see?
  1. Cross-section of slightly-shriveled mushroom
Woodgrain pics (8)
2. What do you see?

2. Alien face

Woodgrain pics (6)
3. What do you see?

3. Portly man running, arms raised

Woodgrain pics (10)
4. What do you see?

4. Camel smiling and smoking marijuana

Woodgrain pics (5)
5. What do you see?

5. Boy on left scratching under chin of dog on right

Woodgrain pics (1)
6. What do you see?

6. Pointy-beaked bird in flight

Woodgrain pics (13)
7. What do you see?

7. Aggressive carnivorous dinosaur face in profile

Woodgrain pics (2)
8. What do you see?

8. Torso-to-kneecap x-ray of one-legged man

Woodgrain pics (4)
9. What do you see?

9. Chubby horned sheep, coming head-on

Woodgrain pics (7)
10. What do you see?

10. Human in the midst of early morning stretch

Woodgrain pics (11)
11. What do you see?

11. Cockatoo face in profile

Woodgrain pics (12)
12. What do you see?

12. Propeller airplane, circa WWII

Woodgrain pics (9)
13. What do you see?

13. Jellyfish with twisted tentacles

So what do you think?

Have I gone mad?


32 thoughts

  1. I see many of the same you do.

    If I rotate #11 90 degrees to left and look at the 2/3 of photo on right, I see a swordfish jumping out of water over a barrel.

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    1. I don’t want to alarm you, but that interpretation is strongly suggestive of agoraphobia secondary to schizoaffective disorder. (I have a BA in Psych, you see.) You may want to see a psychiatrist at the earliest opportunity. 😉


  2. I think you may be losing it! LOL just kidding!! I love this challenge, but one of the things I like most is the fact you used fetching in a sentence. Great word. You are spot on in all your interpretations!

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  3. My bedroom growing up had pine paneling and built-in bunk beds. I woke up every morning looking at a wood knot that looked like the devil. From that childhood experience I’ll say that you aren’t mad at all. Instead I’d say you’re creative– which suggests sanity, considering how mad the world has become.

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  4. These are just perfect, especially the jellyfish! We are all probably experiencing some sort of craziness at this point and I’d say there’s more to come. Our lockdown in Ireland has been extended for another three weeks with not a single airline planing to go anywhere until the end of August. Knowing that we may not be able to travel anywhere this year is something I still haven’t digested. Thanks for sharing and have a lovely Easter weekend 😀 Aiva

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    1. Our governor just extended our order until early May, too, but we all think he’s doing it in stages and it will be extended further. I agree about the lack of travel – I think it’s killing all of us travel-lovers. Last night we talked (via Zoom) with a friend who is a grad student in public health. Based on her training, she doesn’t think travel will resume for maybe a year. Ugh.

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  5. Oh, this is so fun! But yes, I think many of us are going a bit mad during quarantine. Here’s what I saw:

    1. Bird dipping it’s beak to drink
    2. Alien eyes
    3. Man doing jumping jacks
    4. Alien with arms raised
    5. Person on the left with tiny elephant companion on the right.
    6. Futuristic artist’s rendering of jet from 50’s sci-fi cartoon
    7. Myna bird beak
    8. Flamingo (again with the birds, you ask?)
    9. Bean sprouting
    10. Some sort of 70’s religious hippie iconography
    11. Rock in mid-air having been thrown at cobra head
    12. Eyeball
    13. Mushroom cloud or tornado

    Conclusions: A few of my answers are most definitely influenced by current and recent happenings. Also – perhaps I really do believe in aliens? Hmmmmm….

    You are correct – I did fall off the face of the blogosphere for a while! We moved (locally), both started a new job, and have been doing a lot of work on our rental house. Now I am furloughed for a few months, and after wrapping up some projects this week, I hope to dive back into the blogging next week. So you will be seeing more of me soon, friend!

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    1. I’m so glad you’re back! I thought about you from time to time and wondered where you’d gone. Glad it was nothing bad that kept you away (although moving can sometimes feel very bad and stressful). Interesting interpretations of the knots and grain. I diagnose you: sane. 😉

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  6. Hahahaha #4!! I got almost all the same answers as you. 🙂 I used to do this all the time as a kid – the ceiling in my parents’ bathroom is panelled and I used to lay in the bath making shapes and characters out of the patterns. I still remember one of the goofy “faces”! lol

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  7. 1 and 2 – ditto
    3 a small man with a giant eyeball instead of a head
    4 a smiling Yoda
    5 an elephant holding a piece of string that has a baloon attached to it.
    6 a yo-yo with two bits of string
    7 those dinosoars in Jurrasic Park that kept running around trying to eat people
    8 Flamengo
    9 a lacerated bum hole
    10 an x-ray of a knee/shin or another bum hole (lucky I don’t see a bum hole on every picture!)
    11 a horse with its head facing the sky
    12 tempted to say bum hole again for a laugh but the planet Saturn
    13 Jellyfish

    Please do not give my answers to anyone! I am scared of what they might say!

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  8. OMG, you’re hilarious. I definitely see some of the same images as you see. Perhaps I have lost it by now. Oh wait, I’m pretty sure I did 🙂 As one of my friends told me yesterday – asylum is growing.


  9. Part of my childhood was spent in a floor to ceiling wood-paneled room, so I totally did this too!

    1 and 2, I saw the same thing.
    3 I thought was a dancing girl, but I totally see what you see now.
    4 I had nothing, but love your creative response.
    5 person clapping.
    6 very skinny bird (that was close)
    7 velociraptor coming out of a cupboard (again, very close)
    8 nothing, really. You have a good imagination!
    9 tough one. semi-formed ideas, nothing concrete
    10 Eye of Sauron’s tower
    11 Now I see the cockatoo! Yes!
    12 An eye is too obvious. Planetary object.
    13 Definitely jellyfish.

    That was fun!

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