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The joke brings to light a new food debate in our house: should chicken soup have beans? The answer, of course, is no. The national day teaches us a new word, and the Travel Quiz goes temporarily off-course as we instead present some of the travel-related trivia questions from our recent Travel Bucket List Party & Fundraiser. We learn that there are a few people out there who think Nebraska is a state worth seeing. And we learn that there are many more who laugh uproariously at that notion. After that we reveal our biggest travel plans since Southeast Asia before debating the recent “see this, not that” email sent to me by the Discoverer Blog.  Finally, trivia answers are revealed and, hopefully, gold stars are awarded (from you, to you).

Episode 102: Antipodean Deltiology

Previous blog posts referenced or hinted at in this episode:

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  1. I love beans as much as the next fella. MORE than the next fella if the next fella happens to be Tara. But I can’t imagine any scenario where I would ever willingly add beans to chicken soup! Hell, my Italian wedding soup recipe calls for beans, but I leave them out.

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  2. My visit to Australia, 10 or 12 years ago, was in early summer for me/fall-ish for them and was quite pleasant. I had no interest in the middle of the country (or Brisbane), hugged the east coast, but did spend some time in Melbourne because I had friends there. Loved the Great Ocean Road along the southern shoreline and snorkeling in Cairns. Went to the opera house in Sydney for whatever was playing, just to do it. I took small plane hops and that worked well. Happy planning!

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    1. There’s so much to see and do – yes, plane hops. Unfortunately, where the husband wants to go, they’re more than hops. To get from Perth to Uluru, for example, requires a red eye to Melbourne, then up to Uluru. It could take 9 hours minimum, possibly many more. Ugh. Yes, you are the second person to mention seeing something at the opera house. That’s a good idea – thanks!

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      1. Yes, Perth appears to be a wonderful gateway to SE Asia and such, but as far as Australia goes, it seems to be a bit of a forgotten land. As for the flight, I found something better from Perth, and it’s to Alice Springs, not Uluru, which is 5-6 hours away, but it’s via Adelaide and not nearly as long and grueling as the Qantas/Melbourne red eye flight. The one I found is via Virgin Australia. It’s possible that direct flights are available during certain times of the year (you’d think it would be winter when it’s not so hot), but so far for June/July times I’m finding only connecting flights. Boo.

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    1. That’s confirmation that we travel-focused folks may find these questions easier. If we extrapolate, your score would be 20/30. The highest scorer at the party got 17/30, and she travels ALL the time (but largely to Europe, so the non-Europe ones may have tripped her up). Well done, Diana!

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