Metro Misery in the City of Light

6 thoughts on “Metro Misery in the City of Light”

  1. Dear Author,

    While your stories of various travels are well-written, they are also severely anxiety producing. I have taken to writing “no go” in my International Atlas on the maps of most of Europe. Please throw in an occasional “all went well” travel story for those of us who think traveling to Iowa is a risky venture. Thank you.

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    1. Point taken Dave. I don’t know why, but it’s just so much fun writing about the misadventures. I’ll tell you what – I’ll attempt to do as you suggest when I recount our summer trip to England and Wales. In the meantime, why don’t YOU start a blog and write some of those “all went well” posts so I have a model to go on. C’mon Raconteur, I will be your first follower and biggest fan! I’ll even tutor you – to the extent my meager abilities allow – on the vagaries of WordPress.


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