The Dust-Farm-Pail List

12 thoughts on “The Dust-Farm-Pail List”

  1. Dust-Farm-Pail List: BRILLIANT! Another fine installment from a fine travel-planner-writer. I’d say other nice things here but I’ve got to get crackin’ on my own Dust-Farm-Pail List.

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  2. Great list, Travel Architect. I would suggest adding a scuba trip in southern Belize near the Blue Hole. Lots of giant Eagle Rays, sharks and uncountable numbers of crazily colorful fish. The nearby rivers also feature prehistoric looking large lizards (think 1950’s sci movies) and crocodiles. I would put this near the top of your list since the climate situation is rapidly destroying the reefs. It is a glaringly obvious change and worldwide tragedy. Have fun on your continuing adventures!

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  3. Perhaps the husband could be persuaded to strike Everest Base Camp from the list if you include a peak-bagging trip to the Dolomites. No Natalies in Nepal and You could bang out the Stelvia Pass ride in the same trip

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  4. I too hate the term bucket list yet have many such lists. Yours is a good one. I just crossed off “visit the Great Wall of China” 10 days ago. Go do it! It’s every bit as fascinating to see that piece of history up close as you imagine it will be.

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