The second in the Doors series . . .

Chur, Switzerland (6)
Chur, Switzerland
Ouray, CO
Ouray, Colorado, USA
Cassaniouze, France
Cassaniouze, France
Chur, Switzerland (3)
Chur, Switzerland
Southwest USA
Laos Nong Khiaw Hike Lowland Lao Village (9)
Lowland Lao village near Nong Khiaw, Laos
Ludlow & Shropshire Hills (51)
Ludlow, England
Paris, France
Southwest US
Somewhere in New Mexico, USA
Varenna & Lake Como (31)
Varenna, Lake Como, Italy
Santa Fe, NM (2)
Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

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27 thoughts

  1. The Paris France door with the ironwork is trippy. No pun intended.

    [You know there’s an ongoing blog challenge about doors, right? It’s on Thursdays and hosted by Dan Antion at No Facilities. You’d fit-in there ezpz. Might even steal the show!]

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  2. I like how each door offers insight into the historical architectural styles of the place; I especially see that in Laos’ and Santa Fe’s. I don’t often take photos of doors on my travels, but occasionally, one will grab my interest to capture it!

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  3. Doors – or gates to be more specific – make me think that I’m not allowed to cross untill someone else gives me permission.
    I feel uncomfortable when I see gates and fences.
    I know it seems stupid, but people are different.

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