America has a lot of oddball “national” days.  National Buffet Day seems like a cruel joke, placed as it is on January 2, just as the weight loss resolutions are getting underway.  National If Pets Had Thumbs Day on March 13 is… well… strange.  But is it any stranger than National Chant at the Moon Day on August 15?  I can’t say.  April 4th’s National Hug A Newsperson Day is fine, but could we add a National Punch a Weather Forecaster Day (for obvious reasons)?  Some interest groups engage in sleazy double-dipping.  For example, there’s a National Shrimp Day (May 10) and a National Shrimp Scampi Day (April 29).  I’m lookin’ at you, crustacean lobby.

Still, there are several national days I can readily get behind:

  • National Cheese Day (To be honest, every day is Cheese Day for me.  I’m from Wisconsin.  It’s part of my cultural heritage.)
  • National Wine & Cheese Day (Because I also like wine.)
  • National Lazy Day, followed days later by National Relaxation Day (These are in August, about the time I haul out the hammock each year and start taking mid-afternoon naps.)

Sadly, my research didn’t reveal a National Give Your Wife a Foot Massage Day.  In truth, this is probably a good thing.  The husband would almost certainly make some formal declaration about giving me a foot rub only once a year, on the designated holiday.  As it now stands, I get them fairly regularly, so I probably shouldn’t rock the boat.

Then there is the star of the show: National Donut Day.  I only became aware of this meaningful day of celebration a few years ago.  Depending on when you’re reading this, it will be/is/was Friday, June 7th, and for once, I’m prepared.

For most of my life, donuts were a “take ’em or leave ’em” kind of food.  Then I discovered really good donuts.  The kind that come from donut shops that aren’t chains and have quirky names, and that are often found on local Best of lists.  After that, I started liking donuts a whole lot more.  (So much so that I even wrote my second blog post about coffee & donuts, in which I captivate the reader with details of one of my charmingly idiosyncratic eating habits.) 😉


But I don’t love all donuts.  Certainly not those over-the-top, filled, frosted, sprinkled, gilded monstrosities.  No, not me.  I’m a purist.  For me, it’s a glazed old-fashioned.  That, or a few varieties of cake donut.  If you can’t get those two basic recipes right, all the frosting in the world won’t save you.

But back to our distinguished holiday.  Every year until this year, National Donut Day has taken me by surprise.  (Unforgivably, it’s not printed on most calendars the way, say, Christmas is.  Who makes these decisions, anyway?)  By that I mean I arrive at work and then and only then, via word of mouth or an email, I discover – too late – that the special day is upon us.  As a teacher, I can’t usually leave, and even if I could, the kind of specialty donut shop I seek doesn’t exist in the far-flung suburb where my school is located.  My day utterly ruined, I plod through my lessons as best I can, vowing that next year, dammit, I’ll remember.

And this year, I finally did.  What’s more, the donut bank the husband gave me a few years back is finally full!

It wasn’t easy getting the coins out of the bank.  I worked up a powerful hunger… for donuts.

Putting my credit union membership to good use, I took my chunk of change and used their coin machine (for free… as I said, I’m a member) to see what several years of coin scrounging could get me.


It may not seem like much, but I can probably get a good three donuts for that.  I’m happy.  But not as happy as I will be on National Donut Day.

Oh, and just in case you’re unclear about the dos and don’ts of this hallowed feast day, here’s a tip.  As much as we may love our breakfast pastries – croissants, danishes, scones, muffins, cinnamon rolls, and so on – they are not donuts.  Save them for the other 364 days of the year (or maybe have an egg once in a while, sheesh).

I’m pretty good, but I’m no donut.  Save me for after the holiday.

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  1. I am sadly, more often than not, disappointed by my doughnut purchases. However, should you ever make it to New York, my current favorite comes from the aptly named “Dough,” and is a hibiscus glazed doughnut. Sure, that sounds a little weird, but the slight bitterness (tannins, maybe) of the hibiscus cuts the sweet of the glaze perfectly. My only complaint is that there is frequently too much dough (lol) so the glaze to dough ratio is not utter perfection, however, when I’m in the mood for a big cheat, this is my go-to.

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    1. That sounds delicious, but I’m shocked that in a place like NY (NYC, right?) you aren’t spoiled for choice for amazing donuts. If I were you, I’d console myself with a big ‘ol slice of NY pizza.


      1. What ever happened to UNglazed Old Fashionds? They seem to be extinct. But if you ever do run across them, give them a shot. They are crying for a chance to come out of the sugar shadow. There are savory notes. Trust me on this.

        PS I once made over 300 of them during my slot for snack night at the Berkeley dorm. Huuuuge hit.


      2. Ah yes, the unglazed old fashioned. They are hard to find, aren’t they? The ones at our local grocery store have a bad aftertaste, but that’s not because they’re unglazed. It’s because they’re inferior quality donuts. When next I see you, I’ll be looking for some of your unglazed specialties!


  2. Hmmm . . .we eat donuts once a year . . . well, really, its every day for two weeks once a year, during Rose Parade Float decorating. The donuts are, well, scary. You grab a donut out of the freezer in the shipping container, pop it in the microwave and . . . YUM!!! Its hot and gooey and sticky. But mostly, its good because its typically eaten after I’ve had only a few hours of sleep and am facing another 18 – 20 hour day of guiding hundreds of volunteers through float decorating, outside, in the cold (as cold as Southern CA gets).

    But now that I know about National Donut Day, I’m thinking I’m going to have to celebrate with a really good donut, which I’m sure I can find here in Sonoma County!

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    1. In a way that sounds wonderful, but after two weeks of donuts, sleep loss, and stress, I think I’d need to go on a health food binge (and a vacation).
      I wonder if you can get a wine-flavored donut in Sonoma County. If not, well, there’s a business venture for you. 😉


  3. As Nietsche once said, “the only thing standing between civilization and anarchy is pastry.” He may have been thinking of creations more complex than the basic donut, but perhaps not. The sublime blending of a slightly crunchy non-greasy exterior with a slathering of rich chocolate (top only) and, occasionally a creamy filling, is to coffee what Martin was to Lewis, what Abbott was to Costello, what Ed McMahon was to Johnny Carson. If anything deserves a day, it is the donut.

    However, what this article also points to is a massive waste of time by our public officials who cannot bring themselves to address massive deficits, immigration laws, or the climate issues. Instead they apparently spend considerable time deliberating over whether the California Artichoke needs its own day, rather than being lumped in with other lesser Artichokes. Are we properly celebrating the armadillo or amaranth (an ancient grain)? When is Deer Tick Day? I would hope that it isn’t being lost in the shuffle with the Common Wood Tick Day. I am heartened by the fact that our leaders are trying their best to give us the key dates we need. The deficit issue will ultimately solve itself-hopefully the soup lines will include donuts.

    Got to go. It’s Hug a Tasmanian Day and that’s a major one! Ciao.

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    1. National Hug a Plumber Day was on April 26. Hard to know which one is more important. Oh, and I feel terrible but I have to plead ignorance. Be Kind To Lawyers Day was on April 9th. I’ll have to be extra kind to you at our dinner tonight to make up for it. I hope you can forgive me (and not slap me with a lawsuit).


  4. I think everyone is overlooking the main piece of information in this blog: You saved coins for a year and only came up with just over $12 dollars?!?

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    1. I agree that this does not look good. However, it’s merely evidence that the husband and I almost never have or use cash. It’s not a reflection on my saving ability. (No saving = no travel.) 😉


      1. They have the usual Krsipy Kreme and Dunkin Donuts but I don’t see smaller stores doing them. But I have seen street food vendours that make toast cut into strips, then covered in sugar with added condensed milk poured all over – it looked so wrong and yet it was singing to my heart!

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      2. Yes, that sounds a bit wrong, too, but if you say they’re good, I’ll have to take your word for it. On a different note, I’ve never seen “vendor” written with British spelling. I’m used to colour, flavour, savour, etc. (which my phone kept trying to autocorrect while I typed this), but vendour is new to me. Ace! (That’s good practice for our upcoming trip. Thank you.)

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  5. Another delectable post, Travel Architect. 🙂
    Back when I worked in a public school, the librarian had a poster outside her office showing all the year’s National This-n-That days…what a great resource! Maybe your school’s librarian has something similar, or knows how to find one. I’m partial to National Talk Like a Pirate Day, which is September 19. You’re welcome!
    I’m no longer much of a sweet tooth. As a kid I preferred glazed raised donuts. When Krispy Kreme was beginning to become a thing I tried a glazed cruller. Yeah fine, once was enough. I’m definitely more of a savory girl.
    Saving measly pennies is the reason your bank savings amounted to a paltry 12 bucks. Whenever you go a store cashier, ask of you can swap your five pennies for a nickle, ten pennies for a dime, etc. My bank is called Dirt Poor, Poor, Rich, then Filthy Rich at the top. We save only silver coins, pennies are forbidden. I finally cashed it in two weeks ago and the tally was $120-ish. After the counting machine’s 13%(!!) take, I ended up with around $107 – much more than I expected. What did I spend it on? A fine, savory dinner! Bon appetite!

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  6. To my donut soul sister: I LOVE that you posted this. You can bet your donut piggy bank that I have been counting down the days! I’d like to say that I’m a purist, but I love to try the over the top, boujee donuts that weigh 14 pounds each. Happy early Doughnut Day!

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  7. Happy National Doughnut Day! An article in today’s Salt Lake Tribune tells of a local Utah market that’s using a weather balloon today to raise a traditional glazed doughnut into the atmosphere for NDD after hearing of a similar project in Europe.
    I also learned that NDD was established in 1938 to honor the women, called Donut Girls or Lassies, who were hired by the Salvation Army to serve the treats to soldiers during WW1.
    You learn something new every day!

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  8. You are too funny! I did have a donut on national donut day, but at the time I didn’t even realize it was a holiday! My husband had bought donuts for a work breakfast and brought leftovers home. While out with friends someone mentioned the “holiday”. What a lucky coincidence. I do love a donut. And I mean LOVE a donut (but I try not to eat them too very often because I can only have one real food vice and that is cheese. You get it).

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