The circumstances might be different this year, but the torture remains the same.

The Travel Architect

No, I’m not talking about the murder of millions of innocent turkeys.

Perhaps your mind jumped immediately to the discussion of religion and politics at the Thanksgiving table.  Though it might be wise to steer away from those topics in the interest of familial harmony, that’s not what I’m talking about either.

Nor am I referring to the hours and hours people while away watching football on TV.

I’m talking about The Annual Turkey DayChallenge, a torturous ritual thought up by the husband several years back when we began to tire of the time constraints, driving distances, parking nuisances, and maddeningly large crowds of many of our local Turkey Trot races.

The Challenge is a 10K trifecta of fleet-footed suffering:

Part 1: The Presidential Pardon

A steady 5K run around the neighborhood, ending at a local lake.  (The name of this segment comes from the temporary pardon the husband…

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