Long Live Spontaneity!

Many thanks to Josh Hewitt over at Wanderlust Photo & Travel Blog for inspiring this post.  A few days ago he and I were exchanging some blog love around our respective travels – my past travels and his future ones – in the stunning American Southwest.  It was then that I realized that I had … Continue reading Long Live Spontaneity!

Watch Your Language!

We recently received some very welcome news: The Belgians are willing to endure another conjoined vacance with us.  (It’s not until 2020, which is good because we need time to prepare ourselves physically.  It will be a cycling-centered trip, after all, and this is an active family, full of competitive endurance cyclists and distance-runners, including a former member … Continue reading Watch Your Language!

Mice and Snakes

First, I have to thank fellow blogger, Sam, Living!, for inspiring this post with his own post featuring a venomous snake warning sign and the teaser, “Would you?”  I guess when you are located in Australia like he is, this is something you have to consider with slightly more regularity than I do, and for that … Continue reading Mice and Snakes

Happy Accidents in International Cycling #1: France

Although I have a whole blog category dedicated to When Bad Things Happen to Good Travelers, sometimes – huzzah! – good things can happen to good travelers quite by accident.  So when I say “happy accidents,” I don’t mean wheels-in-the-air-feet-awkwardly-clipped-into-pedals-thrashing-on-your-back-like-a-struggling-bug-bicycle-crash kind.  (That sort of indignity has never befallen me, as far as you know.)  I mean … Continue reading Happy Accidents in International Cycling #1: France