A Photo Journey: Climbing Angels’ Landing in Utah

A recent chain of events (a record-breaking polar vortex which led to a four-day school cancellation which led to a reorganization of the photo cupboard) brought to light a long-forgotten photo album of our first Southwest road trip.  Turns out the husband and I (but mostly the husband – you’ll see his massive camera in several … Continue reading A Photo Journey: Climbing Angels’ Landing in Utah

Blogging Milestone: 100 Followers!

Huzzah!  Between WordPress® and email subscribers, I’ve reached 100 followers!  I’m so grateful to all of you for reading, following, liking, and commenting on my posts. I’d like to give special mention to Lisa, my dear friend, enthusiastic supporter, fellow travel lover, and very first follower, and to StoriLines, fellow blogger and my first WordPress® follower.  … Continue reading Blogging Milestone: 100 Followers!

Snow Day!!!

Hi.  I’m back and in a very good mood, putting out a blog post for a second consecutive day (a rarity for me).  What I didn’t mention in yesterday’s post about the impending frigid temps was that there was a lot of talk over the weekend about today being a snow day.  (For those of … Continue reading Snow Day!!!