Thank you to Maggie and Richard from Monkey’s Taleblog buddies I genuinely hope to meet in person one day—for nominating me for the Travel Challenge. The challenge is to post a favorite travel picture for 10 days, without explanation.  Since I’ve been blogging for just over two years, but traveling much longer than that, my goal is to post photos from places I haven’t blogged about, or at the very least, photos that haven’t made it onto my blog.

I’m also asked to nominate another blogger to join in.  Today I nominate Running to Travel.  Please link to me if you decide to participate. If you are not interested, no problem!

Now let’s play!

Hint: This place can close without warning due to missile tests nearby.

Put your guesses in the comments section.  What do you get if you guess correctly?  My lifelong admiration and, as I tell my students, the good feeling of knowing you were right.

Answer to Travel Challenge, Day Nine: The Atomium, Brussels, Belgium

(Since there’s no Day Eleven of the challenge, I’ll reveal the origin of this photo in my recap blog post coming soon.)

11 thoughts

  1. Seriously, it’s a great sentence. Because sometimes, or even many times your reward is intangible. It may be just a feeling. Which doesn’t really match with modern lifestyle.
    It’s an issue of era that I’m not going to discuss here.
    Keep it up.
    That’s what teachers do.

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    1. Agreed. There’s far too much external motivation going on in and out of schools. I try hard to inspire internal motivation. Some people think every little thing deserves a tangible reward of some kind. This is not reality and it’s not healthy. Thanks for your comments.

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