Thank you to Maggie and Richard from Monkey’s Taleblog buddies I genuinely hope to meet in person one day—for nominating me for the Travel Challenge. The challenge is to post a travel picture for 10 days, without explanation (though I am giving a hint in each caption).  Since I’ve been blogging for just over two years, but traveling much longer than that, my goal is to post photos from places I haven’t blogged about, or at the very least, photos that haven’t made it onto my blog.  Taking a page out of the husband’s ELC Podcast book, I’ll reveal the location of a given photo on the next day’s Travel Challenge post.

I’m also asked to nominate another blogger to join in.  Today I nominate ANBA Worldwide.  Please link to me if you decide to participate. If you are not interested, no problem!

Now let’s play!

Hint: Où a été prise cette photo?

Put your guesses in the comments section.  What do you get if you guess correctly?  My lifelong admiration and, as I tell my students, the good feeling of knowing you were right.

17 thoughts

  1. Saw the comments before I could guess but it looks North American-ish and the French was steering me towards Canada. Definitely a place I’d like to visit 🙂

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    1. It’s a great place for Americans to go to feel like they’re in France without actually going to France, though I daresay the French would say, “Quebec is nothing like France!” and the Quebecois would say, “We’re nothing like France!” Ha ha!

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