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  1. Years ago I did what you did to put my blog on Bloglovin. I’ve yet to see any value to being there, but I am there. I will warn you that Bloglovin never lets your forget about them, they are email fanatics.

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      1. Yes, use it. Here’s what is really odd about Bloglovin and I’ll be interested to learn if it is the same for you. I receive a weekly update telling me how many people are following my blog. Each week the update tells me no one has started following my blog that week BUT the number of people who follow me goes up. Every week. Without anyone following me. How does that happen? 🤨

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      1. Thanks but I was more meaning, ‘what can I do for you?’ I wondered if I was able to ‘like’ your posts on it or something 🙂 I’m only just getting going on this again, I don’t think I need the extra work just yet

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  2. I’ve done nothing to set my blog up on blogloving but I do get follows from it, most of them not real humans as far as I can tell, and actual human being reading on it, although I don’t know why–as a reader, I hate it. Are you sure you need to bother?

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    1. Probably don’t need to bother, but it’s done now. I figured it could get at people who want to access blogs from a general clearninghouse. The incessant (already) emails from Bloglovin’ have been blocked and I probably won’t ever go on the site again.

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    1. Thank you! To be honest, I’m not 100% sure. I think it’s something of a blog clearinghouse – a way for people to get blogs from anywhere – not just WP. We’ll see if it’s worth the 10,000 emails I’ve already received from Bloglovin.

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