Hello readers and listeners!  Just a quick update about some changes to The Travel Architect blog and podcast.

Blog: I have finally upgraded to a paid site.  In addition to having all sorts of fun features – sidebars, footers, and widgets, oh my! – that many of you have been enjoying for ages, I also now have the capacity for audio files, which means…

Podcast: The podcast can now be listened to directly from the blog post!  No technical skills required!  It is also still available on iTunes by searching for thetravelarchitect.*

We have decided to end our subscription to Podbean, so our apologies to those of you who have accessed the podcast via that site.  Our hope is that you will continue to listen either via iTunes or directly from the blog.

Also, I’ve gone back and added the podcast audio files for episodes 1-10 to their respective blog posts, so if you haven’t previously wanted to go through the steps necessary to listen on Podbean or iTunes, I just made it much easier for you! 😉

We hope you’ll join us!

*It takes about 24-hours for iTunes to update, so when a podcast is released on the blog, it won’t be available in iTunes until the next day.

8 thoughts

  1. I can see that you’re getting it together to create a great new blog/podcast empire. Don’t you just love having the flexibility and freedom that comes with an upgraded blog? It’s more fun.

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    1. Ooh… empire. I like that. 🙂 Yeah, it is fun but I erroneously thought I would get more storage space from the upgrade. Alas, those audio files take up a lot of space – way more than pictures – so eventually I’m going to have to go with the an even higher plan, I think, and that will hurt the pocketbook. $25/month, I believe. Ah well, that’s for future me to worry about. The good thing if that happens is that I’ll get to play around with plug-ins, a feature still denied to me on my better but still lowly plan.

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    1. You won’t be sorry. I was worried that I would have all sorts of tech problems and issues figuring out how to work with all the new features, but boy do they make it easy. Not perfectly easy, mind you. There was a good hour there where all 70 (?) of the posts I’ve published were just listed in small print in one huge group on my homepage (my fault, not WP’s) but I stayed calm and figured out how to undo my mistake. But really, the hardest (and most fun) part is trying to decide on a new theme. Have fun! Looking forward to seeing the end result.

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