Podcast News Flash!

8 thoughts on “Podcast News Flash!”

  1. Do you know that I’ve never ever listened to a podcast?? (Yes, maybe I do live under a rock.) I think I downloaded an app for them awhile ago. I’ll have to look. Wait, is it something that you download an app for?? O.k., I’ve really got no idea!! (And, yes, now you may laugh at me.)

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    1. You won’t get any judgement from me, the least techy person alive. 😀 Most people just get them from iTunes. If you use Podbean it’s a matter of subscribing (for free) with a username and password. No apps are necessary, I think. A lot of people listen to podcasts while driving. The husband likes to listen while doing the dishes. Whatever you are interested in, there’ll be a podcast about it. (Kinda like blogs.)


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